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Hunter Alliance – Water and wastewater equipment and plants | Water and wastewater equipment and packaged treatment plants
inlet screens. wastewater screening, grit removal, aeration, package treatment plants, wash bays. sewage treatment

Welcome to Hunter Alliance

Hunter Alliance is a water and waste water treatment company that provides design, consultation, manufacture and installation of package treatment plants and water treatment equipment  for industrial and municipal applications. Our role in your project may be to provide initial assistance with design, or may cover all aspects of your project from design through to delivering a full turn-key project.

Specialised and customized potable water treatment plants including reverse osmosis, ultra filtration and wastewater plants are designed and manufactured in-house. For projects that require specialised or client specified equipment, we have access to products from most major manufacturers commonly used within the industry.

Hunter Alliance also specialises in operation and  maintenance of your plant through a system of continuous remote monitoring coupled with routine site visits to complete routine site tasks.