Hunter Alliance – Water and wastewater equipment and plants | Screening & Grit Removal
wastewater screens

The removal of screenings and grit in a wastewater treatment plant is crucial in protecting, prolonging the life and ensuring operational efficiencies of the down stream equipment,  for this Hunter Alliance is able to provide a complete range of screening and grit removal to meet your requirements.

Coarse screen:

  • SMC – Multi Raked Bar Screen

Fine screen and pre MBR screens:

  • SMH: Multi Raked Brushes Screen
  • SSW: Step Screen
  • CFC: Screw Screen for Installation In channel or With Stainless Steel Tank
  • CFV: Vertical Screw Screen Compactor
  • EFD: Rotary Screen
  • IFD: Internally Fed Rotary Drum Screen
  • GTR: Rotary Drum Screw Screen

Grit separation and washing:

  • VXGR: Vortex Grit Separator
  • CDS: Grit Classifier with Shaftless Spiral
  • CDL: Grit Washer

Complete mechanical pre-treatment stations:

  • WAU2: Screen and Grit
  • WAU3: Screen, Grit and Grease
  • GGR2/N: Complete Pre-Treatment Station
  • Series 10 and Series 30 – Complete Pre Treatment Stations until 30 m3/h
  • MCB: Complete Pre Treatment Station for Small Communities

Septic tank receipt and treatment stations:

  • SAU1: Receipt and Screen Complete Station
  • SAU2: Receipt, Screen and Grit Separation Complete Station
  • SAU3: Receipt, Screen, Grit and Grease Removal Complete Station

Screenings conveying:

  • CCS: Horizontal and Inclined Shaftless Screw Conveyor
  • CCS/V: Vertical Shaftless Screw Conveyor
  • CP: Shaftless Spiral Conveyor and Compactor
  • CPP: Screw Press with Screenings Washing