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Hunter Alliance – Water and wastewater equipment and plants | Aerators


Surface Aerators

Surface aerators OXAIR type is an optimal solution for aeration in wastewater treatment plants.

Features of the system:

  • Easy planning and building of oxidation tanks
  •  Easily adaptable oxygen supply to suit process conditions
  • Low plant cost
  • Low operating cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Optimal operational regularity and reliability

Submersible Aerators

Submersible aerators OXAS are used in application requiring the air supply to be introduced in the water.  The installation of the aeraor is very simple and does not require civil work as the subsurface aerator rest on the bottom of the basin by means of its own weigh.  To maintain perpendicularity we recommend the sself priming pipe be fixed to the wall of the basin above water line.  The installation and the removal of the submersible aerators can be carried out with the tank full.

Features of the system:

  • Fine bubble aeration with high oxygen transfer
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Flexibility of operation, no matter what the shape of the basin is
  • Silent and aerosol free running
  • Stainless steel construction for longer life