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Hunter Alliance – Water and wastewater equipment and plants | Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems & Water Recycling Systems

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems & Water Recycling Systems

Our industrial water treatment systems use the latest advances in technology to provide treated water suitable for disposal to sensitive areas, or for reuse in process or wash operations. Our water treatment systems span a wide variety of applications with each system being specifically designed for each individual customer.

All systems utilise equipment from the vast range of treatment products that we manufacture and supply. These systems may also include our range of new generation DAF type systems which employ the latest in “Induced Shear” technology. This process greatly enhances the breaking of emulsions and the oxidation of contaminants, while at the same time providing a rapid separation process.

The system uses induced air technology to saturate the waste stream liquid with air (no compressor required), which greatly simplifies the running and maintenance requirements of the DAF system. Our systems can also incorporate various flocculation and polymer dosing sequences which can further enhance the resulting water quality in difficult applications. The system is fast becoming the system of choice for customers involved in industries ranging from the car wash industry right through to truck and heavy vehicle wash and repair industries which service the mining sector.