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Hunter Alliance – Water and wastewater equipment and plants | Sludge treatment and conveying

Sludge treatment and conveying

Sludge treatment and conveying

Removal of the solids and waste from wash or process water results in a residual sludge that will normally require collection and disposal to an off-site facility.

Disposal of sludge when it is undertaken as a liquid waste, can become an expensive option with fees by licensed waste contractors varying greatly based upon demand, location and waste characteristics.

By utilising a sludge dewatering system, the costs associated with the handling and disposal of the sludge and the frequency of sludge removal from site can be greatly reduced. Cleaning the water in most cases is only half the process and a reliable efficient solids management system makes a complete package that can deliver savings to the plant operator over the long term.

These savings can take the form of reduced disposal fees due to the dewatered nature of the sludge, or they may take the form of savings gained from the recovery of valuable elements or mineral present in the sludge.

Hunter Alliance can supply a full range of solids handling technologies such as filter presses, screw press, de-watering cyclones, grit classifiers and dewatering screens. Please ask our staff for assistance in choosing the best option for your business. Systems start from simple manual set-ups to fully automatic equipment that require a minimum of staff time to operate.

Our dewatering systems can be installed into your existing plant or optioned as an addition to any of our water treatment systems.

Once again, each system can be custom designed to suit each individual application with many options available for automating the sludge dewatering process.