Hunter Alliance – Water and wastewater equipment and plants | Services

Maintenance and Servicing

Hunter Alliance service team delivers efficient and professional maintenance and service to our customers. We appreciate that any downtime cost money, can harm the environment and effect the safety of personnel.  We will work closely with our customers to prepare maintenance plans to match their requirements to ensure reliability, performance, availability and output.

Remote Monitoring

Hunter Alliance can provide a cost effective solution to operate your water wastewater plant, whether it be a simple system or a complex plant.  We can constantly monitor your plant to ensure environmental compliance, chemical levels are maintain and maximum efficiency of operation even when personnel are not on site.  All alerts on all critical functions can be sent to your preferred SMS and email.

Engineering Design

Our design team is experience in the design and operation of industrial facilities. This experience is transferred into the design solutions;  ensuring the finish product is compliant with specifications, regulatory requirement and Australian standards, but also highly practical and well suited for the intended purpose.

Water Treatment System Upgrade

If your current water treatment system not meeting your current environmental requirements or is becoming costly to maintain.  Then the team at Hunter Alliance can upgrade your plant to incorporate the latest design and technology.