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packaged plants, wash bays

Flexibility coupled with protection

Remote and harsh terrain sites can be damaging to your equipment investment. To minimise the affect the environment can have upon the plant, our system can be optioned for build in a climate controlled equipment room. A range of plant types can be supplied housed in transportable steel containers which provide an air conditioned dust free environment for the pumps and electronic control equipment… Our containerised line of treatment systems are produced mainly for the mining industry, but can be used in any harsh environment where protection of the plant from the weather is essential.

Three main system types are produced:-

  • Potable water systems from brackish, sea water, dam or bore water treatment
  • Wash or process water recycling or treatment systems
  • CSG production waste water streams

These systems come complete, housed in fully lined, new build steel shipping containers. Options include solar power, lighting, climate control, remote monitoring and diagnosis and remote start/stop features. The containers allow the equipment to operate in a secure and controlled environment.

These systems allow quick and efficient relocation of the treatment equipment without the need to completely disassemble the plant for transport to the new location. Most plants can be quickly uncoupled from the field services and pipe work and simply moved to another location utilising a side lift container truck or tilt tray vehicle.